Stones that can help with studying, memory & mental focus.

With the pressure to get everything done, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. However, healing crystals have been around for centuries and provide healing properties that can give you a sense of peace and mental clarity, which is something that is especially useful when under a lot of stress.

Following are a few stones for kids and adults, that can help with studying, memory, mental focus, calm and confidence.

Blue Calcite is my Number One stone for students. It is good for memory and learning.

Place them where your child does their homework.

Blue Calcite is good for memory and learning.

It opens up the Third Eye and the communication centers and helps with retaining information.

Calcite absorbs negative energy when used, so remember to clear it if you sense it isn’t working as well.

Click on the link below to read my post about how to clean and program a crystal:

Rose Quartz is great for students who are beginning the year in school for the first time.

Rose Quartz can be soothing for separation anxiety (this applies to both Mom and little one!)

Fluorite is known as the "Stone of Discernment and Aptitude" as it works with you to organizes and process new information as well as to bring mental clarity and focus during study. If you are desorganized, let fluorite help you clear up the clutter and find routines that encourage the organization.

You can use this crystal for support while doing all forms of research.

It enhances their learning and ability to retain the knowledge that they have learned.

Clear Quartz is the most versatile crystal.

It can be programmed for any intent.

It will bring mental clarity, greater focus and help you retain information.

Try a Quartz Crystal Sphere on your desk area.

For the student purposes, it doesn't matter if the crystal is tumbled, raw, or a point. Simply choose the one that draws your attention or let the student in your life pick out their own.

For adults, you can wear it around your neck as a pendant or carry it with you in your pocket.

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Clear Quartz often contains internal rainbows that bring an added beauty and joy to the person carrying this crystal.

Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for study and research. It helps you stay focused, when there is a lot of information to absorb.

It can help you filter out mental distractions.

Turquoise is a good stone to help keep your mind and thoughts clear. it is also one of the best crystals for stress and worry. Something you may be experiencing with academic study.

This blue stone absorbs these lower energies like a sponge. A good stone to have on you during a test or an exam.

As always you can use one or a combination of crystals for your needs.

How have you used crystals for studying? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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