How I got pregnant after doctors said I cannot have babies

The first time I got pregnant the doctor discovered that I had uterine fibroids. Even though my fibroids were big, I didn't have no signs or symptoms. Fibroids are not cancerous. They usually grow slowly, or do not grow, and tend to shrink after menopause when reproductive hormone levels fall.

My miracle baby Salvatore

Weeks later I had a miscarriage.

The doctor told me that I could not have children because my fibroids were big and will interfere with a pregnancy.

We did some reseach and, my husband's QiGong student with background in Chinese medicine, refered us to Master Wang.

We decided to treat the fibroids with Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

That's is how we met Master Wang.


Master Wang was a former Chinese doctor in Herbology, Pulse diagnostic and, deep knowledge in Taoist medicine, who took politic refuge in the United States in the 50s.

He was part of the lineage of five generations of doctors of Chinese medicine. Also, his grandfather was the doctor of the Chinese Imperial Family.

I met Master Wang in his small Apothecary store in St. Petersburg. He didn't speak any english, his wife, also chinese, did the translation. He was around 80 years old, and something that caught my attention was that he didn't have face wrinkles for a man of his age.

I tried my best to communicate with him. He prepared a mix of herbs that tasted disgusting, and it had to be prepared in a special pot (olla de barro). Also he gave me herbal compresses to place in the abdominal area.

Besides this treatment with Master Wang, we went to an acunputure to treat my fibroids as well.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that uterine fibroids develop due to obstructions in the blood flow, and therefore are relieved through processes that eliminate these obstructions.

It has also been seen that acupuncture near the fibroid site can serve to reduce the proliferation of abnormal cells.

Ana Tosta and her husband Orlando

If I tell you the truth, at that time, I did not have much information about herbs, and I had never received acupuncture therapy before, but I did my treatment.

People do not know how much damage they can cause when they say to you things like "You can not have babies" ... and you believe it.

Until one day I got pregnant and I could not believe it!!!


A few months later, and after a great pregnancy, my son salvatore was born. It was the greatest happiness I ever felt in my life!

When my son was one month old, we paid a visit to Master Wang. We wanted to introduce him our son Salvatore.

We believed that he helped us to have our miracle baby.

After a few year Master Wang passed away. He was 88 years old.

Thank you Master Wang for shared all your knowledge with us! R.I.P.

Master Wang and his wife with Ana Tosta son

After that experience, I looked for more information about fibroids and, after working a few years in a holistic store, I got a lot of information about Herbalism and Homeopathy medicine.

Also working with my jewelry and learning about the healing properties of semi-precious stones, that helped me to understand that there are natural ways to heal our bodies if we treat it with care and we don't abuse it.

Visiting Master Wang to introduce our son Salvatore.

As I explained before in my first blog post, I am no an expert on crystals or herbal medicine, but as a journalist I like to do research and, I had gain a lot of information that I would like to share.

Keep checking my blog because I am going to be write a post about the semi-precious stones that activate the lower chakras including sacral and root chakras and, are ideal for healing diseases of the reproductive system.

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